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Feel Good About Feltis

Since it's inception in 2010, Long Beach Lodge owners, Tim and Diane Hackett, have been passionate supporters of the Spectacled Bear Conservation Society (SBC) and its quest to learn more about spectacled bears, their behavior, and critical habitat. To support the important work of SBC, Long Beach Lodge became a sponsor of their Felti Program.

What's a Felti?

Feltis are fuzzy, felted wool critters that have been hand-crafted by indigenous artisans from rural communities near and within protected bear habitat. These Feltis are then sold around the world, raising funds for continued research and economic benefit of marginalized villages. The employment and empowerment of women is all part of the society's holistic approach to conservation. SBC's work encompasses ecological, economical and educational initiatives and purchasing a Felti critter allows SBC to continue their great work saving bears and supporting communities!

How to support bear conservation & communities...

By purchasing a Felti friend in the Long Beach Lodge gift shop or online, you are directly supporting SBC with funding and spreading the good word. Felti artisans are paid a fair and competitive wage that provides an alternative livelihood. Feltis make for great stocking stuffers! We ask you consider giving a gift that is not only adorable but truly makes a difference in the world.

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New Additions!

Welcome Sea Otter Feltis! What do sea otters on BC’s west coast have in common with spectacled bears in Peru?  Both are adorable, both are highly threatened and both are commemorated as Feltis: dry needle-felted ornaments that make a positive impact for wildlife conservation and women’s empowerment in northern Peru.

Shop and Feel Good......

The sales from the SBC online store directly funds collaborative community based conservation programs. It provides training and equipment to the remote communities of northwestern Peru for the production and marketing of their hand crafted woolen, and cotton products. The money from sales goes back into these communities providing a much-needed boost to their economy to help woman and children. These communities enthusiastically support conservation and the efforts of SBC to protect the Spectacled Bear and it’s fragile habitat. ~

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