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It is time to get out on the beach and experience the Wild West Coast of Vancouver Island.

Leave the cooking at home and let our hospitality and surroundings lull you into relaxation. Sit back, pause and take pleasure in our gourmet meals, the warmth of our Great Room and our friendly staff. Let yourself sink carefree into an unforgettable holiday!


It’s a great experience to walk the beach in the mist and rain with the appropriate weather gear. But it’s a truly bracing feeling to take off shoes and socks, roll up your pant legs and walk in the surf. The water is cold and refreshing on your feet and legs, while the rest of you is warm. I did that this past winter and followed it with the perfect ending. Dinner at Long Beach Lodge and overnight in their cabin accommodation. It doesn't get any better. - Storm Watching in Tofino
Bruce Williams , CTV Vancouver Island
Tofino Live
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